Mystery Leaks

What is that spot on the ceiling? Why is it wet under the sink? Why have my water bills gone up lately?  The dreaded mystery leak can be hard to find if you don’t know what to look for. The professionals at Ryan Plumbing and Heating can help.

Did you know that a dripping faucet wastes literally thousands of gallons a year? That can add up!

What can cause a mystery leak?
• Aging Water Pipes
• Physical Damage
• Corrosion
• Improperly Installed Water Pipes
• Poor Quality Pipes
• Too Much Pressure in Pipes
• Long Term Slow-growing Crack

Frozen Pipes

It’s the middle of winter and the sink in the back room isn’t working or the pressure is really low. Don’t put that repair off until spring! Water expands when it freezes. This can have two effects: the water pressure drops, possibly stops and the pipe can crack. The drop in pressure can be annoying but when the ice eventually thaws, and it will, it can escape the cracked pipe. Now you have water damage. If it decides to thaw while you are away or asleep, a lot of damage can occur!

Sewer Gas Smell

If you smell sewer gas, there’s a leak in a drain vent line. Not only is it unpleasant, it can lead to damage to your home. Sewer & drain lines don’t leak continuously like a water line does so you might not see water damage but when the drain is used, there can be leaking and it’s not fresh clean water that is leaking! Ryan Plumbing can find the leak and repair it, removing the smell and protecting you and your family from the health dangers posed by such a leak.

Water Line Replacement & Water Pipe Repair

High water bills without apparent damage could be the result of water line leak. Your home or business has a water supply line that runs underground from the street. This line enters through a basement wall or crawl space. If there is a leak in your water line, damage and expense can only get worse — Ryan Plumbing can take care of this right away!

We have our own heavy equipment and can replace damaged underground pipes with minimal or no disruption to your yard. Once taken care of, we will test the water line to make sure all is well.

Nobody understands Minneapolis & Saint Paul residential plumbing better than Ryan Plumbing and Heating!