Radiant Floor / Hydronic Heating Installation

Ryan Plumbing and Heating has been serving the Twin Cities Metro area since 1951. Our installation technicians are experienced in all types of radiant heating installations for both residential and commercial settings. We install Buderus (97% efficiency), Slant Fin (Standard efficiency) Hydronic Heating boilers.

Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy offer rebates for upgrading hydronic boilers. We can help you take advantage of these rebates and help you save money.
Xcel Energy heating system rebate program
CenterPoint Energy heating system rebate program

We’ll examine your home and help you choose the boiler that best fits your needs. Our technicians will install it in a timely manner on a schedule that is most convenient for you. Ryan Plumbing and Heating performs every installation with the utmost care and expertise. We would never compromise your comfort or the efficiency of your equipment.

Why install radiant floor heating? Your Twin Cities metro area home will enjoy many benefits:

Better Health. Radiant Floor Heating reduces dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants found with forced air heating.
Value. Comfortable way to dramatically increase your home’s value and save money every month.
Home improvement. Radiant Floor Heating pays off with big dividends down the line.
Efficient. Radiant Floor Heating is much more cost-effective than forced air heating! Save hundreds in utility bills. Electronic time controls let you heat only where and when you want.
Invisible. No grates, grilles and ducts showing, creating better aesthetics.
Cleaner. Even temperatures throughout the whole house eliminates drafts and dryness.
Quiet. No noisy fans blasting.

Why install Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating systems in your Minneapolis & Saint Paul home or business?

Value. Add tons of resale value to your home overnight! Twin Cities Radiant Floor Heating systems add greater resale value for your home. According to Twin Cities-area realtors, radiant floor systems will greatly increase your home’s resale value.
Comfort. You won’t be disappointed when you experience a toasty comfort level you never thought possible! Customize the heating needs in every room.
Efficiency. Radiant heating systems can provide energy savings of more than 10-30% in most residences, and up to 60% in shops, hangars and warehouses!
No going back. Once homeowners have experienced the comfort and efficiency of Twin Cities Radiant Floor Heating systems, they seldom, if ever, return to conventional heating or cooling systems.

Don’t wait until it’s too cold in your home. Call for your quote today!

• Add value to your Twin Cities home.
• Our Minneapolis, St. Paul, Metro and suburban homeowners save time & money.
• Work with the trusted professionals at Ryan Plumbing & Heating.

Call today to get a FREE ESTIMATE to improve your lifestyle and comfort with radiant heating while dramatically increasing your home’s value at the same time. It’s time to warm up with Ryan Plumbing & Heating!

Your satisfaction is Ryan Plumbing & Heating’s top priority. We are positive you will be happy with our service, installations and whole house heating systems.

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Hydronic Boiler Repair

Ryan Plumbing and Heating services all brands of hydronic boilers. Our professional technicians will first come to your home or business to perform a boiler inspection. Our inspectors will diagnose and assess the problem. We can quickly repair your boiler and have your life back to normal in no time! Ryan Plumbing’s five generations has been serving the Twin Cities since 1951.

Hydronic Boiler Maintenance

Before the next Minnesota winter sets in, have Ryan Plumbing and Heating make sure your hydronic boiler is ready. No matter what brand of  boiler you have, how old or who installed it, we can service it. We will perform a safety assessment, tune-up, oil the pumps, replace filters and make sure your boiler is all set for another Minnesota winter and will keep you and your family warm until spring finally arrives.

Boiler tune-up includes:

• Verify that boiler is free of combustibles
• Verify that the combustion and ventilation air openings to boiler room are open and unobstructed
• Verify that the boiler vent discharge and air intake are free of obstructions
• Visually inspect the entire flue gas venting system for blockage, leakage or deterioration
• Visually inspect pilot burner and main burner flames
• Check the boiler for interior and all piping for leaks
• Inspect the flue pipe interior and inducer motor/ assembly
• Inspect for rust and scale on boiler heating surfaces
• Brush and vacuum burners thoroughly to make sure all ports are free of debris (when necessary)
• Pull and clean pilot
• Clean areas between sections
• Vacuum thoroughly debris and soot, if necessary
• Inspect thermocouple and replace, if necessary
• Check oil level in pump bearings- bring up to proper level
• Inspect expansion tank for leaks and proper mounting
• Inspect boiler relief valve for leaks
• Inspect the boiler safety valve – valve leveler should be operated once per year and reset